Sunday, September 19, 2010

Item Number 4: Control My Uncontrollable Temper

Gotta admit, this is much easier done after the eleven day zen-like state I have been in during the Eid vacation (I've counted up to last weekend as part of the Eid holiday since a three-day work week doesn't really count). Ever since Ramadan started, I've been short-wired like I've never been before. The slightest thing will get me going and ruin my whole day/week (depending on the intensity of the situation on hand). I spent most of this vacation reflecting on this. Why am I doing this to myself? At the end of the day, the only person I'm hurting is me. Not the **** who didn't bother taking proper driving classes before getting his/her driving license, nor the **** boss who doesn't know the difference between "there" and "they're" and keeps arguing that he's right (he's English BTW), nor the colleague who doesn't bother showing up on days they know they are needed just to drop everything on you and enjoy a day of relaxation in the SPA! No sir! They place their heads on their pillows at the end of the day with no worry in the World! And me? I spend the rest of the day sulking, complaining, and displacing my anger on my family and friends. And adding to that, there's no coffee to keep me calm!! (during Ramadan).

So I decided this (now that coffee is back in my system)...I need to get rid of my temper. Simple as that. Half an hour later, I realized that it's much easier said than done. But a person can't change over-night (or over a vacation). It will take time. But I have made some positive progress over the course of a week. We'll see how it organized plan on how this will be accomplished yet, but it's a work-in-progress.

Status: On-going...if all else fails, will seek professional help or take an anger management course =)


  1. heres a suggestion,

    for the **** who found their driving licence in a serial box, minute they wrong u, and u feel that blackness welling within your chest, rising up to your face, just try to do something nice to someone, let someone into your lane, heck, even wave at a child in a car, and trust me, the anger subsides.

    as for the boss and the colleague, anger is like consuming poison hoping the other person suffers from it, so long as u live by the rule "do onto others as you wuold have them do onto you" you are good to go.

    aaaand, a blog is a nice place to vent against such idiots, so tear em a new one here, and u will feel much better :)

  2. Thanks Aymz, will take up your suggestions! I actually tried your road-rage solution this morning...will try it some more before telling you the results =) And yes, venting actually helps =)

  3. Good for you. :) They say the first step of solving a problem is admitting that you hav it. Try googling anger management techniques and read about it. It will help you gain perspective and will give you tips on what to do to manage your anger, etc. And keep in mind that its not bad or a problem to feel angry. What you gotta learn to do is how to manage it and how you react to different frustrating situations.

    Best of luck babe!

  4. Thanks Mocha! Nothing like a relaxing 4 week vacation to help subside the anger =) I've been back in Kuwait for 5 days now and it feels like I've been out for a year!