Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Item Number 6: Have a business card from a well established organization

This is one of the easier attainable items on my list, if not the easiest. I joined the workforce here in Kuwait around 3 years ago, with two different organizations. My first job lasted a few months, in which my job description required me to have a business card due to my frequent interaction with the organization's clients. This organization to put it more simply, was not what I would call well established. The company was established around 15 years ago with a total of 20 employees, and has not seen any growth (client-based nor employees) till date in spite of the high demand. And with the recent decline in the economy, I'm pretty sure it went bankrupt as their two major clients that were keeping them afloat have shut down. So owning a business card from such organization was not enough to cross of this item off my bucket list. My second job is with a very well reputable and well established organization. I've been with them for the past 2 years and have yet to receive a business card. The job description is completely different, my responsibilities rarely requires me to interact with clients, and the majority of the communications are done through emails. 

I loved the idea of a business card since I was a kid so much that I asked my mother to print me cards when I was 8, with my name and pictures of my favorite cartoon characters, and I would stick them on all the gifts I gave out to my friends on their birthdays. I still have those cards :)

Status: Ongoing. I have a feeling this will be checked off very soon...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Item Number 5: Consistently Maintain my Blog!

It's been 11 months since my last post.........!

Ok so Item Number 1 should not have been crossed off so hastily, but the year 2011 (so far) has been challenging to say the least. So here I am trying to re-maintain my bucket list. So let's see if I can recap those past 11 months in as few statements as possible:

  1. Out of the four items mentioned below, only item number 2 has been crossed off (paragliding...FINALLY!). Still working on item 4 (tried various techniques but failed miserably), and no signs of ever checking off item number 3.
  2. Two items from the un-mentioned list have been crossed off as well. More on that once the items are mentioned in the hopefully near future.
  3. I started writing down my bucket list (on a piece of paper at work) a little over a year ago. Since that time, I have crossed 3 items off out of a total of 30. I have also added several items to the list during the idle time. 
  4. I realized that writing down the list has helped me achieve some of my goals, as well as reconsider others which where later removed.

Status: Work-In-Progress. Here's hoping the "consistently maintaining" will last this time.