Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Item Number 2: Paraglide/Parasail/Para-anything-that-gets-me-up-in-the-air

I've lived a good portion of my life next to a paragliding school (literally next door!). It has always been a dream of mine to experience that feeling of dangling in mid-air without the horrifying notion of jumping of a plane or a cliff (that's why parachuting/sky diving will never be on my list). My mom is the obstacle here, she hated the idea of having her child's life in the fate of a few strings and a few meters of fabric. It took me around 5 years of research and pleading, cuz no amount of science could really convince her. She finally gave up :)

Status: Pending. Will be checked off the list in the very near future.

Status Update: CHECK!! Typed with the biggest smile on my face! Nothing I have ever experienced in my life has been as satisfying as paragliding. There are really no words I can think of to describe the feeling! I loved it so much that I'm trying to paraglide on regular bases.

I'll leave you with this:

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